Lumbar Spine Disc Herniation – What is this?

    Essential information for those experiencing herniated discs in the lower back This injury occurs when a portion of the spongy, shock absorbing tissue between the vertebrae becomes displaced. Most people will remember an initial moment that caused their pain. It is through doing activities like lifting, bending or twisting, that this injury may […]

Meet Our Masseuse

A little introduction Hello! My name is Cristian. I have been a massage therapist since 2000, and was born near Venice, Italy. Since 1993, I have been a very active sports person. My interests include running, teaching swimming, break dancing, inline skating, climbing, martial arts, stretching, snowboarding, skiing, and a little bit of bike racing. [...]

What is Sciatica? Symptoms & Similar Conditions

You’ve heard about Sciatica, or may have experienced it, but what exactly is it? First thing to know is that sciatica is not a diagnosis. It describes a group of symptoms that either involve the sciatic nerve as it leaves your lumbar spine, or present a very similar pattern. Symptoms often labelled as “Sciatica” are: […]


  Tracking your weight regularly can be a good way to keep you on track and accountable. But I know from personal experience it can also be a daunting experience. Once I started to understand what can influence the scale weight, I started to take the number on the scale as just a piece of […]