5 reason why you should have a food diary..

TRACKING YOUR FOOD FOR A PERIOD OF TIME MAY HELP YOU GET BETTER RESULTS.. HERE’S WHY   Sure, tracking everything you eat and drink in a day can be quite tedious and annoying especially when you are running around with a busy schedule. BUT If you have specific weight loss goals or are in a […]

Is your jaw causing you headaches?

Jaw related headaches   Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge that connects your jaw to your skull. Your TMJ allows you to talk, chew and yawn. But the joint’s supporting muscles may also be the source of your headaches. A number of the TMJ muscles, which are located underneath the jaw and in the […]

Where does my shoulder pain come from?

Where does my shoulder pain come from?   Shoulder pain and injury are one of the most common complaints reported to a physiotherapist. This is largely due to the complex architecture, large degree mobility and therefore inherent lack of stability from which it operates and the demands it is placed under through daily life activities, […]

5 Under-rated health habits to implement in 2022

I’m sure we’ve all had the intense desire after Christmas and New Year to jump on the super – clean – no – sugar bandwagon or the next new fad diet in hopes to lose the kilos gained during the holidays. But sure enough as time has told, these diets or extreme restrictions never last. […]

Are you experiencing neck pain?

Our expert team of physiotherapists have noticed an epidemic of neck and upper thoracic spine dysfunction here at the clinic. Since we are all working from home, it is really difficult to find time to take care of your postural health. Check out the video above of one of our physiotherapists, Tom, treating neck pain. […]

ACL Injuries and How to Prevent and Manage Them

Anterior cruciate ligament Your knee you has two main stabilizing ligaments. The main one of which is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). ACL injuries usually occur from a hard step or a twisting of the knee whilst it is planted. It can also occur from an awkward fall, or impact to the side of the […]

The missing link in Hip rehabilitation — Evidence-based Treatment for Hip Injuries

All too often, patients who come to physio with pain in the hip, have been managed from a one-joint or soft tissue injury concept at another centre. We firstly treat the hip joint itself if there is any primary joint and bone pathology. We assess and reduce neurological referred pain into the patient’s hip. And […]

Anterior Knee Pain a.k.a. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Do you get pain whilst you’re running, doing squats or walking up stairs? Is this pain located just behind your kneecap? If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. How it feels Anterior knee pain or more accurately, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome commonly presents with pain on the front of the knee or […]

Do Foam Rollers Actually Work?

Do Foam Rollers Work? An Evidence-Based Review Foam rolling is believed to improve muscular performance and flexibility, reduce work out-related soreness, slash recovery time, and knock out muscle pain. For these reasons, the foam rollers have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Being a frequent user of foam rollers and prescribing it as part […]

Pilates for Lower Back Pain and the Importance of the Gluteal Muscles

At PhysiCo City Physiotherapy we run specialized physiotherapist-run Pilates classes, which are ideal for rehabilitation of lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain. Chronic lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain Back pain has become a real issue in our society, statistics show that approximately 10% of the population have a disability as a result […]