Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

The temperatures have well and truly started to drop outside, so the temptation of lounging under a cosy blanket on the couch with your favourite comfort food has become very real. Have you stopped to think about the consequences of your winter comfort eating? We can often be less mindful about what we put in our mouths when we’re busy watching TV or working on the computer. Here are some strategies you can use to make sure you don’t pile on the pounds over the chilly season:

Start your day right

Eat a healthy filling breakfast that includes protein and fibre. Go for fruit and yoghurt, porridge made from rolled oats, or poached eggs on wholegrain bread. This will boost your protein and help you feel satisfied longer. If you eat a filling and satisfying breakfast you’ll be less prone to mindless snacking and you’ll make healthier choices when it comes around to lunch and dinner.

Get some sun

Take the opportunity to go outside when the sun is shining! This will boost your mood on shorter days and you’ll be more likely to stick to your usual health routine. Take a quick lunchtime walk to reenergize and ensure those winter kilo’s stay far away. Just because you’re covered up with winter clothes doesn’t mean you can use it as an excuse to overeat. Limit high-fat sweet treats and desserts to no more than once per week, but enjoy every mouthful when you do and don’t eat in front of the TV!

Remember the vegetables

Bulk your meals up with lots of filling vegetables. Enjoy a vegetable soup with dinner to make you feel fuller without the extra calories. Studies have shown that those who eat soup before their main meal ate 20% less than those who didn’t. Include whole grains and legumes to your soups such as barley and lentils to keep you full and satisfied.

Winter treats:

  • Low fat hot chocolate
  • Warming soups
  • Baked apples
  • Mountain bread pizzas
  • Herbal tea
  • Flat white coffee with skim milk

Keep on track

Don’t give yourself permission to fall off the wagon with your training schedule. If you find it hard to get up early for workouts, try to exercise during your lunch break or in the evening before dinner. If you lack motivation or accountability, try a personal trainer or friend to do the exercise with. Make sure you keep a close eye on your measurements to check that your weight isn’t creeping up.

If you need some individual advice on beating the winter weight gain, call us today and book in to see our dietician Lizanne.

Most importantly…… Remember that it is much harder to lose weight than it is to put on!!