• Head and Neck Pain

    Head and Neck Pain

    Are you suffering from neck pain?

  • Postural Pain

    Postural Pain

    Is you back sore from sitting at a desk all day?

  • Crutches Hire

    Crutches Hire

    Casting and Crutches Hire available!

  • Rehab Specialists

    Rehab Specialists

    Pre & Post Surgery Rehab specialists!

  • Car Injury Rehab

    Car Injury Rehab

    Have you been injured in a car accident?

  • Constant Headaches

    Constant Headaches

    Are you suffering constant headaches?

  • Chronic Back Pain

    Chronic Back Pain

    Are you experiencing acute/chronic back pain?

  • Experience our expert team.

    Experience our expert team.

    Find the answer to your injuries through our highly dedicated team

  • Achieve Your Goals

    Achieve Your Goals

    Achieve your Goals with Physico

Kick Start your Health in the New Year

At Physico City Physio in Sydney CBD we have you covered for all your health needs in the new year.

Kick start your healthy New Year and make 2017 the year you focus on your health. Your benefits will be plenty!


Regular Exercise is key for a healthy body and mind! Make sure you are hitting the mark with expert advice from our Exercise Physiologist. Exercise Physiology can help you to be at your healthiest, treat health problems brought about from injury or imbalance and encourage you to reach your fitness goals!

Wanting to get fit? Key for avoiding injury is taking it slowly, one step at a time, not running before you can confidently walk. Try lower weights, more reps, focusing on building a strong posture with Pilates.

Our Sydney Physiotherapists are also trained Pilates Instructors, offering morning, lunch time and after work Pilates Classes in Sydney CBD for your convenience. Make 2017 the year you take control of your back pain with this expertly run controlled exercise classes.

Should you be unfortunate to sustain and injury in your bid to be at optimum fitness, our Sports Injury Physiotherapists are on stand by to help you. Our team have so much experience in the field, you can be sure you will be back to your best in no time. We have a range of Physio Aides as well as exercise handouts so you can get the best support in and out of the clinic.


Body and Mind

Old injury getting in the way of your goals? Or perhaps it’s stress, aches or swelling effecting your happiness? A Remedial Massage is designed to remedy your problems in a Holistic Manner, which means looking at all aspects of your body , lifestyle and health history to design a treatment and care plan unique for your needs to help with even the oldest of pain and discomfort in a relaxing environment, a blissful way to start your year!

If stress levels are effecting your quality of life, or perhaps there are anxieties or troubled times in 2016 that you would rather shed for the new year, our team of expert Psychologists are here for you and they can help.

Sydney NutritionistNutrition

Our Accredited Nutritionist and practising Sydney Dietitian is here to help kick-start your healthy new year with a taste bud sizzling menu of healthy meal ideas, nutritional ingredients and all manner of healthy food stuff for prevention or treatment of food related health conditions.

You are what you eat, make sure in 2017 you are as fresh as a fruit bowl with our selection of therapies.