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Physiotherapists are often referred to as ‘movement specialists’. They are trained to assess and treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions that affect physical function. Physiotherapists study medical science subjects such as anatomy, neuroscience and physiology to develop their skills for health education and prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with physical pain, disorders and also disabilities. All of our Sydney Physios are able to treat you for a range of Sports and Physical Injuries.

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Psychology is a broad and diverse field exploring the human mind and behavior. A number of different subfields and specialty areas have emerged focusing on the use of different psychological principles to help solve real world problems. Some of the more common real world problems being – Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders & Excess Weight, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Sexual and Gender identity disorders, Cancer, and Stress Management.

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Massage can help decrease your pain, speed up recovery times and encourage more complete healing by stimulating the blood supply, allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed. It relaxes and tones the muscles preventing injuries, increases circulation and therefore improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all body cells. We offer both Holistic and Remedial Massage Therapy at our Sydney Darlinghurst Clinic.

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Are you planning to kick start your weight loss efforts? Needing to change your diet for health reasons? Or just looking for a nutritional program that specifically meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals? Our Accredited Nutritionist and Practicing Dietitian at our Sydney CBD clinic will strive to understand you, your past successes and challenges, and your current goals.

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ep_thumbExercise Physiology

Our exercise physiologists provide our patients with health education, advice and support. By developing safe, effective, individualised exercise interventions and developing healthy habits for incorporation into everyday life. Enabling patients to manage their medical conditions, in the best way possible.

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Pilates classes available mornings and lunchtime. Small individualized classes lead by our pilates trained physiotherapists are designed to address all your postural concerns and give your body the foundations it deserves. Our classes make use of specialized equipment and are designed to fit into your working day

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Podiatrist Sydney Liverpool StreetPodiatry

Now offering an expert Podiatry service with lab owner and orthotics manufacturer Sam. More information on Podiatry coming soon.

Our Sydney Podiatrist will help you to put your best foot forward with expert care, exercise prescription and orthotics.

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Pregnancy Therapypregnancy physiotherapy sydney cbd

Our Team of experts are on hand to help you have a comfortable and rewarding Pregnancy. With experts in Pregnancy Massage and Physio, and Pilates classes to train and balance your changing body, we are on hand to help with a range of common pregnancy based ailments.

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