Relieving Back Injuries in Sydney

    “If your body feels good, your mind will as well”

    Our Massage Therapist at our Sydney CBD Clinic is trained in many styles, including Holistic, Sports and Remedial Massage. Maybe you are looking to treat an Injury, reduce Postural Tension, Lymph Drainage, Relaxation – whatever your needs, you can rely on us to deliver the ideal massage for you.

    Amy is also a qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist.

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    Massage Prices

    1 Hour Massage  $90
    45 Minute Massage $70
    30 Minute Massage $55
    Please note: Amy is not registered with Australian Health Funds – UK Qualified Level 5

    Massage can help decrease your pain, stress, speed up recovery times and encourage more complete healing by stimulating the blood supply, allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed. It is also an ideal remedy for Back Pain and Postural Problems. It relaxes and tones the muscles preventing injuries, increases circulation and therefore improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all body cells.

    Amy is also qualified in Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

    Massage will help with:

    • Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
    • Sciatica and Lower Back Pain
    • Tight Legs
    • Aching Feet
    • Headaches
    • Trouble Sleeping
    • Posture Imbalance
    • Scar Tissue
    • Swelling
    • And More…

    The release of endorphins and serotonin within a massage can also help reduce anxiety & depression, reduce blood pressure & heart rate & help improve your sleep.

    Our massage therapist uses your feedback to determine the area of treatment and to regulate pressure within the massage. And also works closely with our physiotherapists to ensure complete care for all patients.

    No matter what the demands on your body are, a massage can help.

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