Remedial Therapy

“Don’t find fault, find REMEDY”

The word Remedial gets thrown around a lot, particularly when it comes to Massage, but when you think about it, Remedial is not a term used to describe a style, but an action.

The Dictionary definition:

noun, plural remedies.

something that cures or relieves a disease or bodily disorder; a healing medicine, application, or treatment.

verb (used with object), remedied, remedying.

to cure, relieve, or heal.

to restore to the natural or proper condition; put right:

Remedial Therapy is to Remedy a problem. So the remedial therapy you receive should be as individual as you are.

Remedial Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Physico offer at our Sydney Practice is always remedial, tailored to remedy a particular problem you are having. People visit our Sydney Physiotherapists for a range of problems, from knee pain to head aches, from sports injury to elderly pain, our job is to find a remedy to your problem.

Here is a list of common problems our team of Sydney Physiotherapists regularly find remedy to:


Sports Injury

ITB Syndrome

Shin Splints

Plantar Fasciitis

Piriformis Syndrome


Tennis Elbow

Lower Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain

Anterior Knee Pain

Head Aches / Migraines

Postural Problems

Uneven Back Pain


Muscle Fatigue


Running Injuries

Irritable Hip

Foot Pain

Hamstring Injuries


Remedial Massage

You’ve bound to have heard of the term, but true remedial massage can get lost in translation in some practices as they believe remedial means ‘deep tissue’. Remedial isn’t always deep – it is always tailored. The Remedial Massage we offer at our Hyde Park practice is truly remedial with tailored solutions designed around you, your history and the problem you present.

There are no routines here; our Hyde Park Massage Therapist is an expert in the field of Remedial Massage Therapy.


Remedial Pilates

Our Sydney Physio run Pilates classes are the perfect solution for taking control of your own remedy. Our expertly trained Physio Pilates instructors will help you develop an exercise plan to strengthen, lengthen and relieve restricted postures.

If you have a bad back, uneven posture, difficulty with mobility or stiffness in the joints, our Remedial Pilates (often referred to as Clinical Pilates) will remedy your problems.


Remedial Podiatry

Our Podiatrist will work with you to create a remedy for your imbalanced feet or legs. Often, when we hurt ourselves, present poor posture for a sustained period, or develop our walking/sitting/standing stance at an angle, we need to remedy the problem from the feet up.

Our Hyde Park Podiatrist will work with you to remedy your uneven posture and in turn, other symptoms of such, including bad back, knees, ankles and trouble with exercise.


What Remedial Therapy is right for me?

Depending on how you feel and how long you have felt it depends on the right path of treatment for you. If you have a chronic ‘long term’ problem, it’s best to start working at your foundations with Remedial Massage to loosen up your posture. Our Hyde Park Massage Therapist will then be able to recommend Podiatry or Physiotherapy if required for further work to target the area causing your issue, whether it’s postural or as a result of injury. Pilates is then recommended for maintenance of healthy posture as well as to stregthn and/or stretch as required.

If you’re not sure, contact our Sydney Physio Practice today on 9267 3775