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Physio Aides Sydney CBD

As our Physio therapy practice is within Hyde Park Medical Centre, patients can be assured they get the widest possible medical care for your physical problem.

The Physiotherapy offered from our comprehensive Sydney CBD practice provides an extensive evaluation of your needs to overcome physical injury or pain. This often includes range of motion (ROM) tests, strength and agility consultation and scans, X-rays or other methods prescribed by our medical team.

This will sometimes also include the recommendation of Physiotherapy Aides: equipment of the highest standard that has been specifically designed to:

  • Support you through the rehabilitation process
  • Speed up healing
  • Prevent further injury
  • Support chronic conditions
  • Strengthen weak areas of posture
  • Develop a strong and resilient physique

Physio therapy aides will be prescribed be your Physiotherapist. Please find a selection of available items below; please contact your local Sydney Physio for more information on any of these items.


Physio Taping

A thin yet strong stretchy strip of tape which is attached to support joints through strain and recovery. Offered to athletes as a private service, or in session by your Physio to help you recover quicker. The physio tape is the same thickness and elasticity of human skin, so you won’t notice it tugging.


Used widely, therabands, often referred to as  Resistant bands,and Theratubes, come in varying levels of thickness to provide a resistant yet stretchy tool for developing strength in weaker muscles, to bring about balance after injury as well as strength and agility to prevent further pain, postural imbalance or repeat injury.


Creams, such as Fisiocrem, are often used during your Physiotherapy session and you may be advised to use topically from home as part of your on-going treatment and pain management. Naturally active ingredients provide temporary pain relief during recovery from muscular aches and sprains.

Hot/Cold Pack

These little packs are great for use at home for relief from pain. Heat, to provide soothing and healing circulation nourishment to stiff and achy areas. Cool to reduce inflammation from injury sites, on low back pain and joint discomfort. Ask your Physiotherapist for advice on how best to apply heat and cool relief with this multi-tasking physio aide.

Foam Rollers

Widely used as a self massage tool, foam rollers are effective at releasing tight tissues from the comfort of your home, without the need to book in with a massage therapist or physiotherapist. Simple to use once you get the hang of them, they literally roll your tension out like an iron! For use on limbs, back, glutes and abs, very versatile and in a range of sizes.

Balance Pad

Balancing exercises will often be prescribed to strengthen posture post injury or due to a chronic condition. By balancing, you strengthen the muscles in your ankles, legs and feet, as well as your core, lower back, hips and back, as well as helping to straighten out an uneven pelvis or spine. The balance pad is slightly unstable, which creates strength in the stabilizing muscles helping you to recover faster and maintain a strong posture.


Splints are fitted by your Physio after injury or due to a chronic condition in the joint, commonly the wrist. A wrist splint provides much needed support to the weak joint which can be used to help the area rest during recovery or prevent worsening of conditions such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel.


Ask one of our experts for the correct brace for your on-going problem. We provide only the best braces for a range of conditions in a range of areas. Such as knee brace, thumb stabiliser, back brace, elbow strap, groin strap etc. All designed to support you during activity to prevent recurring injury and speed up healing.


Casts are required for more serious injury, such as a bone brake, when the limb must be prevented from any movement at all. Casts are fitted, monitored and eventually removed by our trained Physiotherapists from our Sydney Medical Centre, where we have access to top of the range equipment to assure your broken bones heal fast.

Heel Lifts

The heel commonly needs lifting or cushioning to prevent pressure to the joints of the lower limbs, correct a leg discrepancy, or provide relief from a wide range of problems associated with this area, including heel spurs, or to help with your rehabilitation from injury or illness.  Assure your heel pad in fitting correctly by a Physiotherapist or Podiatrist otherwise you can come into problems as it works to correct your posture.

Crutches and Cam Boots

Damaged your foot or recovering from an injury to the lower body and you will likely need to acquire a pair of crutches temporarily. We can fit you to the right size crutches to help you along your road to recovery, we also loan our crutches and cam boots (also known as moon boots) if it is only required in the short term.

Contact our Sydney Physio therapy team for more information or to book an appointment