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Professional Sports Physio in Sydney, CBD

Sports Physiotherapists are able to deal with a wide variety of Sports Injuries.

Sporting Injuries are common because of the impact and overuse of our bodies when playing most sports. A Sports Injury is when damage occurs during Sports – this can occur suddenly – say on the pitch when a player will damage themselves so badly that they cannot continue playing, or, it can occur as a result of playing, the onset may not be apparent until after the game, often due to adrenaline, or, the pain will increase as swelling enters the area. Sudden or swollen injury is known as acute injury. Chronic sporting injuries are when an injury has become long term often due to scar tissue, repetitive strain or improper treatment, and has an ill effect on the body. Our sports Physiotherapists can treat Chronic and Acute Sporting Injuries.

Our team of Sydney Physiotherapists have extensive experience in working with Sporting Teams. They strive to not only help you prevent and recover from Injury but to help you improve your performance and be at your best every time you play.

Tom – Head Physio and Owner – worked with the NRL covering 7 seasons as their match and training Physiotherapist. He is a keen Sports player himself and having recovered from his own range of injuries with help from a Sports Physiotherapist, this ignited his passion to grow a practice with a solid team of Sports Physios in Sydney CBD to help people every day.

During this time he treated a range of Sporting Injuries, including:

Muscle and Ligament tears

Groin Strain

Ankle Sprain


Inflamed Bursa

Stress Fractures

Knee Injuries

Hamstring Damage




It’s important to get the right treatment for a Sport Injury straight away to assure it does not become chronic or heal badly.

Sport Injury Treatment Guide:

Let’s start with R.I.C.E.R – an excellent starting point for your sports Injury.

Rest – it’s very important to rest if you hurt yourself playing sports. Normally 48 – 72 hours rest is recommended as a minimum. Rest allows the body to get to work healing the area.

Ice – There may be swelling in an area – ice helps to send the excess swelling away from the injury site, reducing pain and speeding up healing. DO NOT USE HEAT on a Sports Injury in the acute stages – this will increase bleeding and swelling in the area. Apply Ice for ten minutes, rest for ten and reapply for ten. Repeat every 2 hours in the initial stages and then as advised by your Sports Physiotherapist.

Compression – Compression can help in a similar way ice does – to reduce swelling and increase healing time, yet it also can help keep the damaged tissues in place. Sometimes a splint or cast is required for healing; your Sports Physiotherapist will be able to advice depending on your Sports Injury. Apply a compression bandage to the area, including the area just above and just below the injury site.

Elevation – This also helps to reduce swelling and increase healing time for your Sporting Injury – elevate the area above the nearest lymph node – if it’s your leg – elevate above the groin – if it’s your arm – above the under arm/chest. This will help the excess swelling to dissipate.

Referral – once you have treated the immediate problem with the methods detailed here – contact your local Sydney Sports Physiotherapist so you can get some proper treatment for your Sports Injury.

Sports Physiotherapy Treatment

The treatment will depend on your Sport Injury and its severity. One of our Sydney Sports Physiotherapists will work with you to increase the range of movement and rehabilitate the injured area. It’s very important to get advice from an experienced Sports Physiotherapist before you return to playing sport as returning to early can cause further long term damage, preventing you from getting back to being your best.

Our Sports Physiotherapists will cast, splint, offer ultrasound therapy,, stretching, strengthening physio aides, physio led pilates classes and a tailored recovery programme to get you back to fitness as soon as possible.

How to reduce the chance of Sport injuries

Warm up – the best warm up is gently going through the movements as you would in your sport to get your body used to the motion and muscles warm so they do not tear

Tape up or get a Sports Physiotherapist to tape up vulnerable areas – such as old injury site or hyper mobile joints

Wear appropriate shoes and equipment including protective equipment if advised

Assure you train to the intensity you want to play – do not try and go above your intensity level in training otherwise you could over exert yourself.

Cross train with other fitness activities to assure a level of good overall fitness and be ready for the unexpected

Remain hydrated and try not to exercise in the hottest part of the day

For more Sports Physiotherapist advice on preventing Sports Injuries, contact us at our Sydney Sports Physiotherapist clinic.

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