Clinical Pilates

Pilates is well known – many compare it to Yoga, but in reality the main similarity here is they are both done on a mat! Yoga can create space between joints, mobility and a greater sense of peace. Which is all great! Yet Pilates is more targeted to create a strong and straight posture.

Clinical Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles – glutes, abdominals and back, for a strong pelvis and back, and when we have a strong pelvis and back the rest of our posture falls in line. Consider a structure, such as a house, the foundation needs to be strong, it needs to be straight, otherwise the roof tiles may start slipping off and you’d get cracks in the structure. Your core is like your foundation, and Clinical Pilates is designed around the structural work YOU need to be a straight and strong being.

Think of your Core like an elastic band, if wound tightly or you tied a knot in it – it will create an uneven balance – Plates works to even out the balance in the tension that holds us upright and straight.

What to expect from a Clinical Pilates session

Clinical Pilates classes are run by our Pilates trained Physiotherapists. They are movement specialists able to design a Pilates workout around you and your needs with expert advice and aftercare.

Our expert Physiotherapists will get to know you and build a relationship with you prior to commencing exercise. With your particular posture and ailments in mind, they will create an individual Pilates plan for you.

Small classes mean our Physios are able to work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. In a circuit style class, you and a few others will move from station to station, including using the Pilates Reformer – a specialist piece of equipment to help you get the most out of your workout.

Classes last for 1 hour. Morning classes start at 7.30am and are currently available on Mondays and Fridays. Lunch time classes start at 12.30pm and currently available on Wednesdays. Additional classes may be arranged on request, yet depend on numbers and Physio Pilates instructor availability.

How you will feel after a Clinical Pilates Session

After your first session, as it is with any new exercise, you will likely feel a little achy and worked in areas that you may not have before. As you progress with weekly or twice weekly session, as you will be advised by your Physio, you should feel stronger and taller, with leaner muscle, more flexibility and control over your movements. Your back pain should be reduced, it certainly should not be worse, and you should feel more control in the abdominal region, tightening your posture, flattening your stomach as well as the arch in your back.

Claim on your Private Health Insurance

Patients with Health Insurance should be able to claim back on your Pilates if you have Group Therapy as one of your options. Ask us about Group Therapy and for more information if you would like to claim the Pilates on your private health insurance.