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    Head and Neck Pain

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    Postural Pain

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    Crutches Hire

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    Rehab Specialists

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    Car Injury Rehab

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    Constant Headaches

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    Chronic Back Pain

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    Experience our expert team.

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Physio Run Pilates

Physio Run Pilates

Pilates is the idea of a series of exercises done in a controlled manner in order to focus on muscle patterning and activating. It is a combination of strength, flexibility, control and relaxation/breathing exercises to address all aspect of fitness and health. Pilates focuses on developing key muscles in your glutes (bum muscles), lower back, shoulders and core muscles to give you optimal strength and stability.


Book today!

Call us on (02)9267 3775

$30 per 1 hour session

Morning and Lunch Time classes available *

Monday and Friday 7.30am – 8.30am
Wednesday 12.30pm – 1.30pm
* additional classes may be arranged on request

Our Physiotherapists are highly trained in all aspects of Sports Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates. Our Physio led Pilates classes are expertly tailored Remedial Pilates classes.

The benefits of Physio run Pilates

  • Improved flexibility
  • Overall general increased strength
  • Develop good muscle control and endurance
  • Correct postural issues
  • Train postural and stability muscles
  • Core development and education
  • Help with chronic lower back pain and postural neck/shoulder issues
  • Improved sports performance especially running

Physio specific

  • Large focus on client education
  • Cater for injury specific rehab and individual needs, can always provide alternative exercises if you have an injury
  • Variety of exercises
  • Expert knowledge from our specifically Pilates trained physiotherapists
  • Remedial Pilates and Physiotherapy – specific programs for your rehabilitation
  • Long term support for prevention of future conditions
  • Assurance that you will get the therapy you require for a full recovery
  • Medical Centre location with medical pilates

Our class style

  • Our classes are run in a circuit style class using a variety of equipment
  • What do we use in the classes?
    • Yoga mat – these exercises are done on the fllor using your body weight and gravity to provide resistance
    • Reformer – the reformer has spring loaded resistance and a moveable carriage to provide the resistance
    • Other equipment – Pilates power ring, swiss ball, theraband, medicine balls, foam roller
  • We use a range of equipment to target all areas of the body and ensure a large variety of exercises

How are PhysiCo different?

  • All classes taught by a specialised Pilates trained Physiotherapist
  • Small class sizes for individual attention (max 4 people per class)
  • Variety of exercises and equipment including Pilates reformer, power ring, theraband, medicine ball and foam roller
  • Morning, lunchtime and private class (on request)

Who can come?

  • Anyone will benefit from coming to our Pilates classes
  • We cater for the following specific conditions: chronic lower back pain, hip or knee issues, postural issues, headaches and pre/post natal
  • You don’t have to be an existing client to come, our team will welcome you and recommend the best course for your therapy

How do I book and pay?

To book into a class call us on (02) 9267 3775. You pay for the class on the day and you have the option of paying for each individual class at $35 or buying a 10 pack for $300 ($30 per class). You can claim the classes on your private health insurance for a rebate depending on your level of cover. We also offer reduced BUPA rates for all classes as we are a BUPA preferred provider.