Pregnancy Therapy

At Physico City Physio, we offer a range of treatments for Pregnant Womenpregnancy physiotherapy sydney cbd

Pregnancy is a time where you will want to be focused on your health, for the well-being of mother as her body changes and baby as they develop and grow.

The Pregnancy therapy we offer from our Sydney CBD practice will assure you feel your best during these special months.

What happens to the body in pregnancy?

There are a number of changes that occur to your body throughout pregnancy. Our team of therapists are highly trained in common conditions that can effect your comfort and health during pregnancy.

Aches and pains at some stage in pregnancy are common and almost to be expected as your body grows to support baby. If you’re finding your discomfort is persistent or more than you are comfortable with then please get in touch, our aim is to provide you with tailored care to treat you during your pregnancy holistically. Our team of therapists are happy to talk your symptoms through with you before commencing therapy.

Pelvic floor pain/weakness

Your pelvic floor is the muscle group that supports your bladder, bowel and uterus. It runs like a hammock, from your pubic bone at the front to your tailbone at the back.  They act as your support system for your pelvic organs; controls bladder and bowel function and prevents issues such as urinary incontinence and leakage.

During exercise your ‘core’ system (deep tummy muscles and pelvic floor) turns on/contracts provide support to your internal organs. This process happens automatically and helps to keep the body functioning normally.

Pregnancy causes additional stress on the pelvic floor muscles due to weight gain and the presence of the hormone relaxin in the body. The first sign of pelvic floor weakness is bladder leakage when sneezing. Statistics show that up to 60% of women experience urinary incontinence during their pregnancy, this is worst in the third trimester due to the additional strain from the baby’s weight.

Post natal changes to the body

After pregnancy (vaginal or caesarean) there will be a degree of weakening to your pelvic floor muscles. To prevent any long term issues it is important to start on your pelvic floor exercises as soon as possible. Common problems post natal are stress and urinary incontinence, prolapse and bowel incontinence.

Your return to exercise should be guided by your Physiotherapist and dependent on your symptoms. Usually from 3 weeks you are able to return to low intensity exercises such as Pilates.

Pilates for pre and post natal

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise based on controlled movements for optimal muscle activation and injury prevention.

It focuses on specific muscle activation and can assist with:

  • Strengthening your deep core, back, glutes and pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduce pregnancy related back and pelvic pain
  • Pre and post natal exercising
  • Improving your balance and stability
  • Promoting optimal breathing and relaxation
  • Improving flexibility in a safe and controlled manner

To prevent conditions from causing ongoing pain or further problems, you should visit a trained Pregnancy Physiotherapists to learn how to activate key muscles. Read more about our Sydney CBD based Physiotherapy

Joining a Pregnancy Pilates class will give more time to practice your pelvic floor and all other recommended exercises while under the instruction of a Physiotherapist. Read more about our Physio led Pilates classes

Aches and pains in the back or legs can be combated with Pregnancy Massage. Read more about our Sydney CBD based Pregnancy Massage.

Give us a call on (02) 92673775 to see how our Physiotherapist can help you along this journey and how Massage and Pilates can benefit you!