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Postural Upper Back and Neck pain – exercise and Remedial Massage Therapy

It will not surprise you that most of the time people come to visit me for a remedial massage in our Sydney cbd clinic for treatment for back and neck pain, caused by posture.

In our last article we explored how desk posture affects the head and chest.

In this article we talk about the different causes of postural back and neck pain and how to combat it with stretches, exercise and massage therapy.

Work related Postural Pain

neck pain clinic sydney cbd

Is your posture a pain in the neck?

So you spend hours a day in the same position?

Most of us do.

In which case it is not surprising that you develop some kind of back pain by repeating the same actions over and over again.

Sitting at your ¬†desk may not feel like an ‘action’ but it’s this sedentary action that affects the muscles, tissues, joints and even our nervous system, equating to posture related back and neck pain.

You may not sit at a desk (me! I stand all day) but even so, your job will likely involve repeating positions time and time again to develop tight muscles. YOu may get lower back pain, which we’ll go into more detail on in the next chapter of this series.

Combat Posture pain with exercises!

Exercise in the working day is normally something we will do on our lunch break, or before or after the day s done, but some simple short exercises in the day gets you moving and combats posture related pain.

So move more, that’s the key, it doesn’t have to be anything strenuous just simple movements to build a routine, try this simple stretch routine for your neck, and hey! You can do it whilst reading you emails, you don’t even have to stop working! But by all means do take a break…

neck pain massage sydney cbd

Your eyes can remain on your work!

By tucking your arm behind your back as shown, you will ‘lock’ your shoulder, and the base of your neck muscles, in place, meaning that when you tilt and then extend the stretch with your hand, you get an even better stretch to the muscles of your neck.

As well as a pain in the neck, we often experience a pain in the upper back and shoulders.

Reduce Shoulder pain

The best way to reduce pain in the shoulders is movement.

As well as the stretch, take time to lift and roll your shoulders and neck. By lifting your shoulders all the way to your ears, holding and then releasing you will create some blood flow in the area and soften hard tension in the upper shoulders, plus this breaks the cycle of staying in the same position. Rolling shoulders backwards and forwards also works to release tension.

There’s another favourite stretch of mine to treat pain in the mid shoulders – under the shoulder blade area. Just imagine you have an orange, juicy and soft yet firm enough to squeeze. Now imagine that orange is between your shoulder blades and squeeze, you are trying to burst the orange. The squeeze of your s

Posture advise sydney cbd

Have a happy posture

houlders backwards creates blood flow and activation to the muscles which have been tense and over stretched during your work posture.Try and do this stretch as many times as you can throughout the day to treat shoulder pain.

Consult a therapist

Please do consult a physiotherapist or remedial massage therapist if pain persists or worsens with these stretches. Please do not do these stretches without first consulting a therapist if you have a pre-diagnosed back condition or believe that you have a problem more severe than work posture related pain, thank you.