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As written by Sydney Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Amy. Based in Hyde Park Medical Centre

Massage during pregnancy is not only advised, I think it should be mandatory!

Your body goes through such a rapid period of change that often aches and pains present themselves throughout pregnancy. Around 2/3 of women experience back pain during their pregnancy, this increases with follow up babies and overweight women.

If you have had previous back conditions or injury, you are more likely to get back pain during your pregnancy. This said; some ladies are lucky enough for previous conditions to ease as the body softens for pregnancy!

As your body prepares to grow, ligaments and soft tissues become softer, providing less support for your spine and pelvis. The stretchy tissues provide a sling like support for baby bump, which often results in pain in the lower back and pelvis areas.

Softer ligaments allow a smoother labor, but they also do mean your joints are not as well supported. Your pelvis has two sides to it, and without the usual support, or, due to an uneven pelvis before pregnancy, one side can move more than the other causing pain known as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), which is normally felt around the pelvic joints, such as the Sacroiliac joint where your spine meets your pelvis and around the tail bone.

When pain is felt around the pubic bone, groin and front of your pelvis this is known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). If the pelvis moves too much and pain is notably higher, a rare condition known as Diastasis Symphysis Pubis (DSP) may be diagnosed but an X-ray is required to identify this condition.

Pregnancy Massage can ease pain in these conditions; along with correct pelvic exercise, such as Pregnancy Pilates or a programme may be recommended by one of our Pregnancy Physiotherapists, including techniques to lock your pelvis when moving, you may also be offered a Pregnancy Physio aide such as a support belt.

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These conditions, along with back pain, can occur at any time in pregnancy.

This strain in the tissues, as well as joints and discs, causes pain in the same way it would if you were not pregnant, where pressure is placed on the posture during certain actions or as you tire over a period of time. Try and take regular breaks from work and, if you stand a lot, make time to sit down during the day.

Inflammation in the area can also be a cause for pain and sciatica during pregnancy. If you experience tingling, weakness or shooting pains in the pelvis and legs then these symptoms can be managed with Pregnancy massage.

Inflammation can also make you feel uncomfortable as your circulation slows down sue to pressure on the main arteries of your lower body. Inflammation and softer ligaments can also cause Carpal Tunnel which can be managed with pregnancy massage and pregnancy physiotherapy.

Pregnancy Massage will ease your body into pregnancy and sooth aching muscles, reduce inflammation, pressure on your joints and advise you on the best exercises to be carried out during pregnancy for an easier birth and healthier post natal period.

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