Running in the 21st Century (Part 5) : Pre-Event Massage

Remedial Massage can be an excellent tool for you to be at your personal best every time you run, whether you’re training for an event or just for yourself, Massage can help identify and strengthen any weaknesses. So many Sydney runners train hard and could benefit from some targeted Remedial Massage.

Massage for Runners is advised in 3 stages: Pre-Event and Post-Event and Maintenance.

1. Pre – Event Massage

Prior to any event, such as the City 2 Surf ( and Color Run ( in August plus the upcoming Blackmores Sydney Running Festival ( in September; you will be training hard to assure your muscles are at their strongest and most durable. Regular training causes small traumas and tears to the fibres of your muscles and other connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons and fascia as they grow. This is natural and part of the process for developing strong muscle tissue.

If not treated, an active component, such as a hip flexor, the connective IT Band of fascia, the Achilles tendon, Piriformis, Hamstring, the Lat. Collateral Ligament of the knee, the plantar fascia of the foot etc. can become restricted as small traumas become tight little clusters of scar tissue (adhesions) in the tissue which pull and tug on the surrounding fibres. This can lead to an imbalance in your posture and the way you run, walk, sit or sleep putting strain into additional parts on the body.

Massage is applied in the first instance to reduce adhesions and stretch the fibres of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. This allows more normal function as well as improved mobility as any tightness in the tissues surrounding and within that component will be released, allowing muscles to glide smoothly over one another.

Pre- Event, Massage is also applied to boost the circulation to the deep belly of the muscle using frictions and tapotement. This process not only nourishes the deep fibres of the active components but works to cleanse the tissues of any debris, acid, excess fluid and toxic substances. This cleansing and nourishment serves to energize the muscles and tissues and makes sure you have no nasty surprises lurking for the big day!

Pre-Event Massage is advised 2-3 days before your big event. It will not be deep or intrusive and advised to be 45mins or shorter as it’s more about revitalising the tissues than relaxing them!

Should you have any niggles, a pain, restriction, discomfort during, or after, your run, or if you would like to be at your assured peak performance, then my advice is that you begin your Pre-Event Massage 2 weeks prior to the event. This will give your body a chance to be treated and recover and grow without the concern of not having enough time for tissues to regenerate and heal.

All new patients will be greeted with a consultation prior to massage to indicate any concerns and your goals. The treatment time will then be tailored for your needs using a variety of techniques from Sports and Remedial Massage. We’ll work together to realise your full potential. I am very proud that my clients achieve their personal bests after a couple of Pre- Event Sports Massages with me.

If you would like to be at your peak for your next big event or in general, then contact us today to book your Pre- Event Massage.

I look forward to meeting you.

Amy, Sport and Remedial Massage Level 5