Sports Massage Therapy from Hyde Park Medical Centre, Sydney

As written by Massage Therapist, Amy Bennett

Having lived and worked in the UK for most of my professional life, coming somewhere like Sydney is a breath of fresh air for a massage therapist. In Sydney CBD there are countless Sports Massage clinics, as everyone strives for better health and better injury management solutions.

I started my own Massage Therapy practice in Southampton, where I lived in the UK, as there was very little solution locally for Massage Therapy yet a clear need for it as it is quite a sporty and health conscious city! The clear need assured my practice grew until I now hire 15 sports therapists to work within my practice.

Another driving factor for the success of my practice was assuring each massage therapy treatment was tailored for the individual’s specific needs. This is common practice in Sydney, yet not as common as one might hope…

I have had a number of awful experiences, personally, whilst seeking quality Sports massage in Sydney. Many practitioners seem to feel that if they push hard then it counts as remedial. Not True! In fact, a hard, deep massage from someone who doesn’t quite know what they are doing is damaging; can cause swelling, bruising or even joint pain, restricted movement and tissue damage! All these things are more conditions you want to relieve with a massage not encourage! Shocking!



Another disappointing factor to many of the Sydney CBD Massage Therapists is that they simply do not listen to your requirements, or even ask what they are! You must assure your therapistSport Massage Sydney checks your case history before performing a treatment; if they fail to, this is a clear sign that they are unprofessional and I, personally, would not attend a treatment from someone who did not get to know me first.

Consider you, and everything that makes you you, on a physical level, I want to know what these factors are:

– What is your common posture? What do you do for work? Do you drive a lot? Have children? How do you sleep?

– What is your current level of activity? Are you sporty? Do you have a routine? Are you achieving the results you desire?

– What is your Range of Movement? Do you find you have any restrictions in mobility? At what time of the day? Do you have balanced strength in your muscles?

– Have you had any recent or serious injury? Illness? Surgery? What are your main concerns?


Massage Therapy SydneyAll this leads to a clearer picture, so I can determine how to begin and then tailor your sports therapy session. Typically, a Sports Massage treatment should include tests to check muscle strength, length and agility. Then during the treatment you can expect it to be rather active, you may be asked to breathe in and out at certain points, To push against my pressure to create energy within tissues to help release, you will likely be positioned on your front, back, side, sitting and/or standing for parts of the session.

A good Sports Massage in Sydney CBD – don’t settle for anything less. Visit us in our medical centre environment and experience 1 hour for $80. If a referral to a Physio therapy Sydney or a Hyde Park Sport Massage Therapyis required then you are in the perfect position for this also. Trust in my 10 years experience to assure you get the perfect Sports Massage in Sydney CBD. For more information visit our Sports Massage Therapy in Sydney page