Uneven back pain – Remedial Massage in Sydney

Uneven back pain

A common problem we treat at our Sydney CBD Massage and Physiotherapy Clinic is uneven back or neck pain. This could be represented with pain in one glute, the mid back, one shoulder or side of the neck pain, or, frequently, pain in both sides but in different area or degrees of severity.

This is an extremely common condition with many causes; the main being uneven posture.

Uneven Posture

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Muscles supporting the spine and pelvis
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Most people are aware that leaning forward to work on a computer gives you rolled shoulders, but are you aware of the things that cause you to gain an uneven posture?

Sitting cross legged on or one cheek can elevate the pelvis at one side and impinge the join between the spine and the pelvis (Sacro-Iliac Joint) – check how you are sitting now – are you leaning more to one side?

Most of us tend to stand at an angle too, switching our weight from one foot to the other, or constantly putting out full body weight into one leg. This causes an uneven pattern of tension whereby one leg is tight up the centre and back and the other side of the pelvis/waist is shortened.

A large number of us also tend to sleep in an uneven posture – on our side or our front with one leg kicked out.

All of these postures affect the muscles of our posterior abdominal wall – as you can see in the diagram, there are many muscles that sit between our tummy and spine and govern the position of our pelvis.



Treatment will undoubtedly include exercise to correct your posture – as well as Remedial Massage Therapy to break down tension which has become ‘stuck together’ due to a repeated posture. If the injury is chronic then a Physiotherapist may recommend a course of therapy to include massage, heat and/or ice, joint manipulation and exercise.

It’s important to exercise caution when applying these measures from home, namely:

1. Only use heat if the area feels good to rub – if it is tender to touch assure you only use ice or anti-inflammatories. If pain persists contact one of our Sydney Remedial Massage Therapists

2. If pain continues after heat is applied rest for ten mins, then ice for ten mins, repeat rest and then contact a Sydney CBD Physiotherapist or Doctor.

3. When exercising – apply caution – assure you feel supported, confident and in no pain as you carry out the exercises below.



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Strong Balances help even out your posture

1. Pilates and Yoga are excellent tools for strengthening and straightening posture. We will soon be offering Pilates classes at our Sydney CBD Physio clinic

2. Namely – balances can be very helpful – strong balances – which means engaging abdominal muscles – an open chest and elongated spine – try it today: balance on one foot, suck in your tummy, draw up through your pelvic floor, lift your breast bone and imagine your spine elongating as if a piece of string was pulling you upwards from the top of your head. Feel the strength in your posture and breathe here deeply for several breaths.

3. Move regularly – rolling shoulders and forward bends are excellent movements to flex your postural muscles.


Our Sydney CBD Physiotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists can help you to develop an effective exercise routine to maintain good posture.