• Head and Neck Pain

    Head and Neck Pain

    Are you suffering from neck pain?

  • Postural Pain

    Postural Pain

    Is you back sore from sitting at a desk all day?

  • Crutches Hire

    Crutches Hire

    Casting and Crutches Hire available!

  • Rehab Specialists

    Rehab Specialists

    Pre & Post Surgery Rehab specialists!

  • Car Injury Rehab

    Car Injury Rehab

    Have you been injured in a car accident?

  • Constant Headaches

    Constant Headaches

    Are you suffering constant headaches?

  • Chronic Back Pain

    Chronic Back Pain

    Are you experiencing acute/chronic back pain?

  • Experience our expert team.

    Experience our expert team.

    Find the answer to your injuries through our highly dedicated team

  • Achieve Your Goals

    Achieve Your Goals

    Achieve your Goals with Physico

Specialists in Neck Pain, Back Pain & Sporting Injuries

PhysiCo City is a proud provider of expert physiotherapy, psychology, dietetics, exercise physiology & remedial massage services. We're a one stop clinic for all your health and well being needs. Our highly trained  therapists are here to help. Extended operating hours - Monday through to Saturday. PHYSIO & MASSAGE AVAILABLE SATURDAYS

Welcome to Physico City Physio Sydney CBD

Specialised Physio Care in Sydney CBD

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PhysiCo is the ideal place in Sydney CBD to relieve aches, sprains and sporting injuries without disrupting your working day. With an extensive background in sporting injuries, biomechanics, spinal therapy and back pain, PhysiCo Physiotherapists are dedicated to providing you with effective, quality professional treatment and care. Our Physios pride themselves in their hands on, evidence based approach to physiotherapy treatment, support, education and exercise prescription and go beyond just treating a single injury. Click the link to read more on our Sydney CBD Physio, Sports Physiotherapy or our guide on common complaints seen by a Physio in Sydney CBD

Why Choose PhysiCo City Physiotherapy in Sydney CBD?


At PhysiCo City Physiotherapy, we strive to give every patient personalized care and attention. During every appointment, you’ll receive 30 minutes of hands-on treatment in a private room from one of our trained physiotherapists.

Your physio will use evidence-based techniques to address your pain and mobility issues. He or she will also discuss exercises you can do between appointments to minimize re occurrence of problems. Read the information below to learn more about the types of treatment available at our office. These treatments are helpful for office workers who spend hours at a desk or active individuals who experience sports-related pain.

Of course, your experience at our office involves more than your treatment time. We also make sure to be prompt and stay on schedule so you don’t have your day disrupted by time spent waiting on us.

Our office is also open six days a week to ensure that we have more appointments available that fit into your busy life. It’s easier for you to make health and physiotherapy a priority when you don’t have to rearrange your life around our schedule.

Don’t wait any longer to meet with a trained, experienced physio in Sydney CBD. Book online or call us on (02) 9267 3775 to schedule your appointment at PhysiCo City Physiotherapy.

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Our Physio lead Pilates classes are designed to help you overcome persistent back problems. In small groups, our Physiotherapist Pilates Instructors will work with you to create greater space and flexibility in your posture, and strength and agility in your body. Pilates is abundant in Sydney CBD, but our Physiotherapist lead Pilates group classes are powerfully effective and convenient during the morning and lunch time.


Our Psychologists help you understand and explain why you think, act and feel the way you do about real world problems and situations, and work with you to develop the necessary skills to move forward and react more favorably in the future. Some areas our therapists work with are Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders & Excess Weight, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Sexual and Gender identity disorders, cancer. Click the link to read more about how our Psychologists can help you.


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Our Accredited Nutritionist (accredited practising Dietitian) can help develop a nutritional program that specifically meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals? Assisting with conditions such as IBS Management, Weight Loss, Diabetes Education & Management, Insulin Resistance, Crohn’s Disease, High Cholesterol, Eating Disorders, Reflux, Ulcerative Colitis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome & Sports Nutrition. Click the link to learn why Nutrition and Dietetics are important.

Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise physiologists provide patients with health education, advice and support. By developing safe, effective, individualised exercise interventions and developing healthy habits for incorporation into everyday life. Enabling patients to manage medical conditions such as Obesity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, depression, asthma and cardiovascular diseases, and many others. Click the link to learn more about Exercise Physiology

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Find us at Hyde Park Medical Centre, 175 Liverpool Street, Sydney

Physio Sydney CBD

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