Podiatry Consultation & Treatment In Sydney CBD

Many people in Australia experience foot pain and ankle-related issues. However, only a few of them seek professional help for their problems. Although these problems may heal on their own, at times, this is not the case. And thus, you should always consult a podiatry specialist with your concerns.

Need the best podiatrist for you and your family in the Sydney CBD region? We can connect you with one right here, right now!

Come To PhysiCo City – Podiatry Experts 

Need specialised health care for your foot pain, lower-limb problems, and ankle issues? Then you have made a good decision by coming to our website. PhysiCo City is the leading clinic for your health concerns, including podiatry, physiotherapy, dietetics and even psychology. With more than ten years of practice in Sydney CBD, we have established ourselves as the leaders of podiatry.

Our Approach

Encompassing all aspects of podiatry, from nail or skin problems, to running or sports injuries our podiatrists will assess and treat all lower limb conditions to the highest standard.

With the use of 3D gait analysis to determine foot dysfunction each set of orthotics is tailor made to every client’s dysfunction and requirements with regards to sports, activities and daily demands.

Treatment Is Available For

Do you feel frustrated with the lack of treatment options that you get from a particular podiatry clinic? Then at PhysiCo City, you don’t have to worry about any shortage of treatment plans. Being amongst the leading health clinics for podiatry, we have a range of treatment options for our clients in Sydney CBD. Our podiatrists will help you with the following medical conditions:

Common areas treated include: Fungal nails, Ingrown nails, Callous and corns, Diabetic screenings, Cracked heels, Plantar fasciitis, Heel spurs, Running injuries, Orthotics, Leg pain and injuries

You don’t have to wander around with these many services looking for another podiatrist in Sydney CBD. Just come to us!

State-of-the-art Facilities

Along with expert podiatrists, you will find all the latest equipment in the field of podiatry at our clinic. Thus, you can expect the best treatment for your foot, ankle, and lower-limb discomfort. Couple these modern machinery with our experienced podiatrists and you will receive the finest treatment possible in Sydney CBD.

Greatly Convenient For You

Do you have any other matters at hands before coming to our clinic? Then you can avail the benefits of our flexible opening hours. You can book a consultation session with our podiatrists from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6.30 pm. We will be more than happy to receive you at our podiatry clinic. Similarly, we have pegged our consultation fee very reasonably. Thus, you don’t have to break your savings just to receive a podiatry consultation. It’s affordable for our customers in Sydney CBD.

So, hurry up and call us today. Our team of expert podiatrists is waiting for your call. We will deliver the best podiatry treatment to you and your family at PhysiCo City.

Physiotherapists are often referred to as ‘movement specialists’. They are trained to assess and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions that affect physical function.

Physiotherapists study medical science subjects such as anatomy, neuroscience and physiology to develop their skills in area of injury management;

A typical Physiotherapy session will include diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education for prevention of all future injuries, disorders and disabilities. A variety of manual therapy techniques are administered using a hands-on approach combined with an exercise prescription program. Every session is tailored to each individual clients needs.

PhysiCo City has been established in Sydney’s CBD for over 10 years and over 15,000 clients have been treated in this time. With an emphasis on running on time, providing effective treatments in a clean and private environment our Physiotherapy services are a must if you desire to keep your body running in optimal condition.

Regardless of your activity level, ranging from an elite athlete, a team player, a weekend warrior, or a light hobbyist, you can be confident that you are in expert hands with our PhysiCo City Physiotherapists.

Need help with your stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental illness? You should never shy away from psychological assistance. Many people avoid going to a psychologist due to various social stigmas associated with it. However, the best course of action for psychological issues is to pay a visit to a well-known psychologist.

If you stay anywhere near the Sydney CBD region, then you have come to the perfect place for your therapy. At PhysiCo City, we have some of the finest psychologists in the country. You can easily book a session with these experts right now. But before that, let’s see a few things about psychology that’s important to know beforehand. We are sure that it will help you or your family member who might be dealing with a specific psychological illness.

What Does Psychology Means?

Psychology is a broad and diverse field exploring the human mind and behaviour, helping to solve real world problems.

Sessions are designed to allow you to openly discuss events or emotions that you have previously been avoiding.

Sessions are kept confidential and your initial consent is required as per federal requirements. Our therapists offer you a safe, private and comfortable environment, and the freedom to discuss your problems, thoughts and experiences that may be unresolved.

Psychology Helps You In Many Ways

Some of the more common real world problems include Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders/ Excess Weight, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Sexual and Gender identity disorders, Cancer, and Stress Management.

Why Visit PhysiCo City Centre?

Want the best psychologist for you or your beloved one’s treatment? You will find such expert therapists and counsellors at our clinic in Sydney CBD. They have great experience in psychological therapy and counselling methods for all age groups. So, you can place your trust in our capable psychologists.


Our Psychologists strive to help you understand and explain why you think, act and feel the way you do about everyday problems and situations and work with you to develop the necessary skills to move forward and react more favourably in the future.

Convenient Bookings

Need flexible sessions to be arranged? Well, we can do that for you. You can request a schedule in-between 8 am to 6.30 pm on weekdays. Thus, you can plan well ahead before visiting our clinic in Sydney CBD. Furthermore, we have set a reasonable fee for consultation sessions. You can check these details on our website.

With so many benefits available at our clinic, why even bother looking for other clinics in Sydney CBD? You will get everything that you want at PhysiCo City. And apart from psychology, we provide physiotherapy, podiatry, and dietitian consultations at our clinic. So, you can say that we are the complete package for all your needs!

Are you planning to kick start your weight loss efforts?
Needing to change your diet for health reasons?
Or just looking for a nutritional program that specifically meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals?

Our Dietitian will strive to understand you, your past successes and challenges, and your current goals. All of your background health and medical information will develop an understanding of your current eating patterns and then teach you practical skills such as goal setting, self-monitoring, problem solving, relapse prevention and managing tricky situations.

Common areas which are addressed are IBS Management, Weight Loss, Diabetes Education & Management, Insulin Resistance, Crohn’s Disease, High Cholesterol, Eating Disorders, Reflux, Ulcerative Colitis and many other diet & nutrition related conditions.
Whatever your unique situation is, our practising dietitian can help you increase the enjoyment and success of a dietary shake up or complete overhaul.

Our Accredited Nutritionist is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia

Our Exercise Physiologists at our Sydney CBD clinic provide our patients with health education, advice and support. By developing safe, effective, individualised exercise interventions and developing healthy habits for incorporation into everyday life. Enabling patients to manage their medical conditions, in the best way possible.

Our clinicians are knowledgeable about the effects of exercise on the musculoskeletal system, as well as on the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Prescribing courses of exercise for medical conditions, fitness and rehabilitation with an emphasis on behavioural modification.
Common areas which are addressed are:

Obesity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, depression, asthma and cardiovascular diseases and many others can benefit from the expertise of our exercise physiologists.

Our exercise Physiologists work closely with medical practitioners, physiotherapists & our dietitian to ensure all of your healthcare needs are met.

Our mission is pain relief and body awareness. Once you have had a Remedial Massage you become more conscious of your tight areas and how your body feels and how well it really can function after a few treatments.

We aim to help people achieve and maintain a high level of health and wellbeing so they can reach their personal fitness, work or life goals without unnecessary pain or injuries.

We are passionate about massage excellence and providing a premium service.


No, you can book a session with PhysiCo City’s podiatrist without any referrals. You just need to book an appointment with us.

At PhysiCo City, our trained podiatrists will treat your foot pain, ankle problems and lower-limb issues.

There is more than one reason for heel pain. Repetitive pounding, inflammation of the plantar fascia and back heel, etc. can cause this problem. Talk to our podiatrists for more details!

We accept payment made through Bupa Card. Thus, make sure to carry your Bupa Card when you visit us.


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