Zhuo (Sean) Li


Sean is a very astute physiotherapist with a great attention to detail. Sean is very thorough with his examination and he is willing to go that extra mile to get the result for his client.


Sean has undertaken a plethora of post graduate studies in order to further his knowledge in the field. With a special interest in applying the Mulligan’s concept of mobilisations with movement (MWMs) and the “Key Approach” to address spinal and peripheral joint dysfunctions.


Sean has a passion for sports injuries, and how the lower limb biomechanics will contribute to an injury. Sean’s knowledge allows him to customise treatment programs which cater to each individuals needs.

Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan

With a Master’s degree in both physiotherapy and clinical exercise physiology, Sam has developed a strong hands-on approach which he couples with an emphasis on exercise and movement therapy. This enables him to give control back to his patients so they can reach their desired goals in the shortest possible time with a deeper and more educated understanding of what brought them into the clinic.


Sam has developed a keen interest in treating hips, backs and shoulders with a special interest in postural and core stability and prides himself on a results based treatment outcome.


With over 18 years martial arts experience, several of which as an instructor, Sam is involved in conducting seminars and training courses around Australia and has competed at the international level. Sam has worked with many athletes including professional bodybuilders, power lifters and sportspeople alike and enjoys seeing the impact physiotherapy can have on people’s lives. He has a passion for learning and is always striving to further his knowledge and skill-set in his career.

Rebecca Schwarz


Rebecca is a psychologist with a particular interest in contemporary psychotherapy. She explores how past experiences shape a person’s current personality and delves into unconscious processes by exploring the dynamic between the client and therapist.

Rebecca completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology in 2011 and was awarded the Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence. She has worked in private practice and mental health clinics, and has gained extensive experience in counselling adults with a range of psychosocial issues including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, substance abuse and relationship issues. She has also attended mindfulness workshops and incorporates mindfulness techniques into her therapy when appropriate.

Thomas Wyer

Tom Wyer

Tom is the founder and director of PhysiCo City Physiotherapy in the Sydney CBD and Redfern.


After returning to University to attain a Masters in Sports Physio, Tom’s experience includes 8 Seasons working with NRL teams including the Cronulla Sharks and the West Tigers giving a strong foundation in a variety of sporting injuries & biomechanics of the pelvis and lower limb.


Working with a holistic approach, through the treatment of the cause of the dysfunction and prescribing exercises to reduce further episodes. A systematic approach is used to find weakness and promote improved strength and performance.


Tom is a local boy having grown up at Bondi Beach, Sydney. In his spare time Tom loves to go surfing, swimming, spear fishing and is a Yoga and Pilates enthusiast.

Atlanta Miall (Dietitian)

Atlanta Precision Bio Pic

Atlanta is an ambitious Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian and has a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours from Monash University. Atlanta is extremely passionate about patient-centred care, individualising her approach to each patient with a key focus on lifestyle balance and enjoyment. Over the years, she has developed great skills and knowledge in both general and sports dietetics and has a particular interest in the areas of gut health, weight loss, chronic disease management and women’s health.

Sam Towers

Sam towers

Sam makes the perfect addition to our team of experts who work together to provide you with the perfect tailored solution to your health from head to toe.


Sam owns and operates an Orthotics laboratory Cadence Orthotics, and is an expert in 3D laser foot scanning, CAD CAM design and orthotic manufacturing; with a extensive history in lower limb dysfunction and working with a variety of clients all the way from elite runners through to the local barista Sam will have the solution for you. 


With Sam’s combined experience and expertise, he has a transparent approach to treating your feet and guarantees the perfect fit orthotics every time!

Stephanie O'Loughlin

Stephanie has a background in education and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology in 2015.

She went on to complete a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) in 2016, followed by a Masters of Clinical Psychology and is currently completing specialist training to achieve endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Stephanie has been a registered psychologist since 2017. During this time, she has had experience working with children, adolescents and adults in public and private health services.

She provides individualised evidence-based treatment for a wide range of mental health difficulties, including the treatment of anxiety disorders, for example, generalised anxiety, panic; depression; post-traumatic stress; emotion regulation difficulties, including self-harm; relationship difficulties; and personality issues.

As well as being a provider of psychology services under Medicare, Stephanie is a registered provider for the Department of Veterans Affairs, WorkCover Australia and most private health insurers. Stephanie is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, the peak body for psychologists in Australia.


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