Podiatry Treatment In Surry Hills

We do many activities every day that involve the movement of our feet, including walking, running, jogging, cycling, etc. On average, you may walk around 7500 steps each day. So, you can imagine the strain that our feet endure every day. Over a while, you may experience foot and lower-leg problems. And although many of these problems do get better with proper rest, there are a few problems for which you need a podiatry consultation. And we know the perfect feet, ankle, and lower limb specialist in Surry Hills. But before getting to know this specialist, let’s see a few benefits of seeing a podiatrist below.

Benefits Of Podiatry

Podiatry helps you get rid of problems related to your feet, ankle, and lower leg. A certified specialist known as a podiatrist performs diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of your feet-related problems. You will see the benefits of consulting a podiatrist in Surry Hills below.

  • A podiatry specialist helps you to prevent specific problems which may arise in the future.
  • They have extensive knowledge of everything related to your feet and lower limbs. You can consider them as the experts in foot and ankle care because they are one.
  • Podiatrists follow specialised approaches for the diagnosis, treatment and even rehabilitation of your feet problems.
  • They can advise you on how to avoid any problems in the long run as well.

As you can see, podiatry helps you or anyone in your family when it comes to foot-related and ankle problems. Thus, we recommend you visit our clinic in Surry Hills.

Welcome To PhysiCo City – The Best Podiatry Services At One Place

Be it leg injuries, sore heels, fungal infections, ingrown nails, and any other related condition; you should come to us. We have been the leading podiatry specialists for the last ten years in the Sydney CBD area. Over these years, we have received over 15,000 clients for physiotherapy, nutritional advice, psychology, and podiatry consultation. Therefore, you can too visit our expert podiatrists for your feet-related problems in Surry Hills. Want to know how we can help you relieve foot pain? Then stay with us.

All-inclusive Approach

Over the years, we have learned a great deal about our patient’s needs regarding podiatry. And thus, we follow a robust approach to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate any person that walks through our doors.

  • We first assess your feet, ankle, and lower limb to find out the root cause of your problems. In this, we may see your past medical reports as well.
  • Next, we will provide you with recommendations for changes in your lifestyle and exercise routines, along with dietary modifications. In some cases, we do have to provide therapy for your pain management as well.
  • After a few weeks, we will call you for further consultations at our clinic and re-assess your condition.

Want to know more? You can talk to our podiatry experts at our clinic.

Our Treatment Plan Includes

  • Fungal nails,
  • Ingrown nails,
  • Callus and corns,
  • Diabetic screenings,
  • Cracked heels,
  • Plantar fasciitis,
  • Heel spurs,
  • Running injuries,
  • Orthotics,
  • Leg pain and injuries

With these many areas of expertise, why should you go anywhere else in Surry Hills? We have everything that you need for foot pain and ankle pain relief.

Call us today and know the details regarding consultation at our clinic. We have given the details of consultation hours and fees on our website for podiatrists. So, don’t waste any time and book a consultation with PhysiCo City today!


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  • They do what is right by the patient. Highly recommended.
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  • A very nice experience all round. Highly recommended.
  • Very knowledgeable and effective physiotherapists and the girls on the front desk are super friendly and efficient. Great team.