5 Underrated Health Habits to Implement in 2023

5 Underrated Health Habits to Implement in 2023

I’m sure we’ve all had the intense desire after Christmas and New Year’s to jump on the super – clean – no – sugar bandwagon. Or maybe even the next new fad diet, in hopes to lose the kilos gained during the holidays. But sure enough as time has told, these diets or extreme restrictions never last. Come March and you are itching for that alcoholic drink or to enjoy some pizza with your friends and family. Next thing you know your weight is back to where it started.

What you need is to implement small daily habits that compound to give you the result that you want. Sure, it might take a while but at least the result may last longer.

Consistent habits = sustained results


Here are 5 healthy habits to implement in the new year:


1. Add more colour

Are your meals colourful? Start adding in 1-2 types of vegetables at every meal. Also try incorporating 1-2 two pieces of fruit at breakfast and/or as a snack.




2. Practice mindful eating

Are you paying attention to your hunger and satiety cues? Eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. This can help with portion control. Pay particular attention to WHY are you are eating – is it because you are bored / stressed / emotionally triggered? Or are you actually hungry.



3. Incorporate protein at every meal

Protein promotes increased satiation i.e. keeps us fuller for longer. Therefore, choosing a variety of protein sources will reek a variety of benefits! Some proteins sources include chicken, red meat, fish, legumes/beans, eggs and tofu.




4. Drink more water

Often something to eat isn’t really what we need. Instead WATER is what our body is telling us it needs. Most individuals should be consuming around 2-3 litres per day. Next time you are feeling peckish drink some water first then re-evaluate whether you need that snack.


5. Take a daily walk everyday

You don’t need a fancy exercise program to maintain your health and your weight. Walking is so underrated and contributes to your daily NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis-the energy expended doing daily tasks like walking, cooking, washing etc). NEAT activity accounts  for 10-15% of our total daily energy expenditure (exercise only contributes 5%). Even if it’s only 10-15 minutes a day! Trust me, it’ll help keep your joints, mind, weight and stress levels down in the long run.




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