Are you experiencing neck pain?

Are you experiencing neck pain?

Our expert team of physiotherapists have noticed an epidemic of neck and upper thoracic spine dysfunction here at the clinic. Since we are all working from home, it is really difficult to find time to take care of your postural health. Check out the video above of one of our physiotherapists, Tom, treating neck pain.

So, below are a few tips on how to minimise pain and injury whilst working from home:

    1. Firstly, do not work from your bench, coffee table or bed! You should suit your home office to your body shape.
    2. Secondly, we advise our clients to take regular breaks.
    3. Finally, you should make a habit of chest stretching, postural strength exercises, and a daily cardio routine. By doing this, you will keep everything moving as it should.

Check out this article from Time Magazine on how the dangers of working from home and how to reduce back pain.

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