Tracking your weight regularly can be a good way to keep you on track and accountable. But I know from personal experience it can also be a daunting experience. Once I started to understand what can influence the scale weight, I started to take the number on the scale as just a piece of the whole picture. Along with the number, I was reflecting on how I felt, how my clothes fit, my exercise regimen, my sleep pattern and overall wellbeing. Scale weight is just one piece of the puzzle!



Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t be scared of weighing yourself regularly:


1. Weight can be affected by sleep, water, bowel movements, alcohol, stress

All of these factors will influence your weight in varying degrees. Having irregular bowel movements one day will cause an increase on the scale the next day. Also, if you’ve had less water the day before, then your weight will likely be a lot less the day after. Again, if you’ve had a few drinks the night before, you’ll likely wake up dehydrated and your body weight will be a lot less. Another factor to consider are your cortisol levels. High levels of stress and also less than 6 hours of sleep can increase the hormone cortisol. This can cause water retention in the body, leading to increase in weight on the scale.


2. Your weight does not define who you are, only your consistent habits do

Due to all the reasons above, the scale weight will fluctuate everyday. That’s why it should not define us as individuals. Our HABITS are what define us. What we eat, drink, how long we sleep for, our exercise regimen and how we manage stress etc. should be our focus. Focusing on these areas will then influence the scale. Therefore, you’ll likely achieve the results you want.


3. Your waist measurement and how your clothes fit never lie

 How comfortable your clothes feel is a better indicator for body fat gained. The weight scale does not take into account body fat and muscle ratio. But how your clothes fit and how your body looks can definitely indicate changes to body composition.




With consistent changes to your eating, sleep and stress management habits, you’ll find that scale weight will gradually come down.


If you are on a mission to shed some kilo’s, then it is recommended that you weigh yourself at least 3 times per week. Due to the increased number of variables that affect scale weight, we can’t rely on 1 scale measurement to give us the whole picture,. That’s why an AVERAGE weight per week would be more accurate. A consistent decrease in average weekly weight indicates that you are shedding those kilo’s!


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Lara, Dietitian @ PhysiCo Physiotherapy