COVID-19 Medicare Telehealth Updates – 15th September 2021

COVID-19 Medicare Telehealth Updates – 15th September 2021

Allied health services including physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetics and psychology are now eligible for telehealth delivery via video conference or phone under Medicare. If you are eligible for, or currently have a:

  • Enhanced Primary Care Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan, or a
  • Mental Health Care Plan, and are
  • Facing COVID-19 restrictions that prevent you from attending a face-to-face appointment


Please see below for answers to FAQs regarding the telehealth delivery scheme via Medicare:

How do I process the payment for my telehealth consult?

  • After the consult, we process your payment securely over the phone using the credit card details you provide. Using the receipt, we are then able to process your Medicare rebate like a normal appointment. The money will be transferred within 1-2 business days to your nominated bank account linked to Medicare.


Must I have seen an allied health practitioner in the last 12 months?

  • No, only GPs and OMPs are required to have an established clinical relationship with their patient in order to provide COVID-19 telehealth services. This requirement does not apply to specialists and allied health practitioners.
  • However, some allied health services require attendance due to the hands-on nature of assessments and treatments. The attending practitioner will determine whether a telehealth appointment can be arranged in lieu of an in-person appointment.


Can I still Bulk Bill this service?

  • Telehealth appointments at PhysiCo City can be bulk billed over the phone provided that you have an ‘Enhanced Primary Care Plan’/’Chronic Disease Management Plan’, are an existing patient, and we have sighted your pension card during a previous visit.


For Bulk Billed appointments, can I assign my Medicare benefit to the GP without a physical signature?

  • Yes, there is no need to handle paper or pens in a GP’s office for this purpose. With Medicare Easyclaim, a patient assigns their right to a Medicare benefit to the practitioner by pressing the OK or YES button on the EFTPOS terminal in the practice. Up until 30 June 2021, the practice can also assign your benefit on your behalf or the GP can note the assignment of benefit in their clinical notes during the consultation.


Do I have a choice if my practitioner suggests a video consultation?

  • If a video consultation is suggested and you do not have the necessary technology, you may request to have the service by telephone. You or your health professional may also prefer a face-to-face consultation.


What if the video/phone connection drops out?

  • Do I need to make another appointment? No, it is the same service; once you have reconnected, you should continue the consultation as normal.


For more information regarding the temporary allied health telehealth measures, please visit the link below:$File/FAQ-COVID-19-Allied-Health-Post-1July2021.pdf

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