Optimum Nutrition for Running in the 21st Century

Optimum Nutrition for Running in the 21st Century Whether you run for fun, fitness or competition, chances are you probably have signed up for some sort of race. It doesn’t matter if you’ve signed up for a 10km race, half marathon or a full marathon, it is really important to practice good fueling and recovery […]

5 reason why you should have a food diary

TRACKING YOUR FOOD FOR A PERIOD OF TIME MAY HELP YOU GET BETTER RESULTS… HERE’S WHY   Sure, tracking everything you eat and drink in a day can be quite tedious and annoying, especially when you’re running around with a busy schedule. BUT If you have specific weight loss goals, or are in a period […]

5 Underrated Health Habits to Implement in 2022

I’m sure we’ve all had the intense desire after Christmas and New Year’s to jump on the super – clean – no – sugar bandwagon. Or maybe even the next new fad diet, in hopes to lose the kilos gained during the holidays. But sure enough as time has told, these diets or extreme restrictions […]